Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Picture Perfect Comp#6: DIRTY

Time to clean up your act, it's the PICTURE PERFECT competition season!! This is Week 6 and our host is Cherie, who has chosen the theme of DIRTY. This wasn't an easy one for me, had to think hard on it and have a good look through the archive. This dirty old man, tarnished, covered in cobwebs and with a dead insect up his nose, definately needs a wash and brush up!!! Old & Dirty


  1. hi mitch...sonny here....

    and eeew..yes...he does look dirty ...nice take on the theme...:)

  2. A good washing is needed here.

  3. The bug up the nose is hilarious!

  4. good to see you on here : )
    nice shot, do you know who he is ?